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Animal Sanctuary Society, Inc.



     Animal Sanctuary Society, Inc. is a non-profit tax-exempt charitable corporation registered in the State of New Jersey. Its primary purpose is to help animals in need, guide and educate people concerning those needs.

Animal Sanctuary Society, Inc. provides the essential food and veterinarian care for animals that have no one to provide even these basic necessities of life; and provide foster homes as much as we possibly can thanks to willing friends.

The only way Animal Sanctuary Society, Inc. is able to help animals in desperate need is with the generous, tax deductible donations from caring people like yourself. We want to take this time, on behalf of the animals, to thank you very much in advance for any contributions you can send to the Animal Sanctuary Society, Inc. for this an urgent cause; the end to their suffering, and their lives depend on it.

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Animal Sanctuary Society, Inc.
Post Office Box 24 
Mount Laurel, New Jersey 08054

 (856) 642-0004


Animal Sanctuary Society, Inc. is a Non-Profit - Federally Income Tax-Exempt Corporation Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Your Contributions are Deductible for IRS Tax Purposes.


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